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I came to your clinic the other day with my dog-companion and the service, caring, and compasion that Dr.G.S. Grewal and his staff showed me was unbelievable! I will be a client of the clinic indefinately, with all of my pets. They made me believe that there are still kind & caring people in this world! THANK YOU so very much for all of your help. Very Respectfully yours, Debra Irish and Auzzie(dog-companion).
Wendy Parker

So far I just buy cat food here. Everyone is friendly and I am in and out quickly.


Jason Larson

Took very good care of my doggy they were fantastic. The girls all loved him and even though it's about as hour from home I think I found my me vet.



We were new patients and can't praise Dr. Grewal and his staff anymore.  I was nervous about the fees and treatment we would receive and after having visited many other vets throughout the city for our 2 cats and dog and after the first visit we wouldn't consider going anywhere else.  The fees are very reasonable and the treatment was amazing!!  Dr. Grewal answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease!  West Allis Vet Clinic prices and treatment are far superior to the $200 I paid for the same exam and shots at a vet in the same area! 

Becky Osse
Furry Mom of Johnnie Walker, Indiana Jones and Autumn Mist


Adam Thornberry

Dr. Grewal is absolutely fantastic with my pup. The service from him and the staff is so great I decided to stay with them after moving to St Francis! Highly recommend to anyone, especially if you have a nervous nelly like mine at the vet!
Christine Reinders

Dr. Grewal takes great care of our three border collies. He is incredibly patient with our active dogs and understands the anxiety felt by our youngest. In addition to being a careful listener, he takes his time explaining procedures, vaccinations, and treatments. The staff has always been welcoming, friendly, and accommodating.


Andre Simpson

Absolutely a great place to take your pet. I always feel welcomed and everyone is professional. Dr. Dan and the staff are amazing, friendly, and actually care about their patients. I couldn't be more thankful for how Dr. Dan handled our cat's passing. He came to our home to euthanize her. He and the nurse were very gentle and respectful when removing her from our home. Thanks to the staff at WAVC we will be recommending everyone we know to go here.

Jacqueline Giovannini

Sinc our last Vet retired and stopped making house calls we were able to give him a call here & there. But it was becoming very clear that we were going to need to find a new place as our shephard wasn't getting any younger. Doc was the greatest. He helped us go through a very quick onset of a virus that took our shephard from us. Being that was the 2nd horrible death of my shephards (father & son) that I went through I had pretty much swore off any more pets.
It took less than a week for my sons to talk me into going back to the breeder so they could "play with the puppies ".

That was the day we came home with Celeste. Half German Shepherd half Chow Chow. Her parents were both pure in blood line, however she had no papers as her tongue was to long. So she couldn't be breed & couldn't be shown...she became our mutt.

I know there are other doctors at the clinic and we could've made her appointment with one of them, however we had already started our relationship so we keep with Thor's Doctor. We don't jump between doc's cause he knows her & she knows him, now. They have their own relationship of that I am grateful. It wasn't more than a week or so later and my Mom, Celeste's "Grandma" got a Britney Spaniel named Sadie. They are 6 weeks apart, and are play pals that behave more like litter mates. Sadie had several different compound circumstances build up to her ended up with a really bad growth on her neck. I recommended that she go see doc because my Mom was not liking the answers she was getting from the place she typically went. Doc hooked her up! He did such an awesome job! My Mom was really scared, she would call me at all hours to come check on Sadie. Before & after the surgery and the answer was always the same Doc did a great job, as long as Sadie leaves it alone it will heal perfect. And it did.
Because I did this, I now have someone I trust to do surgery on Celeste ACL and have full confidence that she's gonna be just fine.
Thanks Dr. Grewal

Tiffany Barbiere

Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. The office had a good amount of staff on hand and our visit went smoothly. Thanks to everyone here, we are certain that our puppy is going to be well soon!

Jason gondi

Tiffany and Jason barbiere had a great experience there today. They are honest knowledgeable and polite. Thanks . Semper fi

Annette Towler

The service was wonderful. They were very quick and efficient. The doctor and staff were great with my cat, Boris.


Dr. Dan and the staff at West Allis Veterinary are top notch. They are friendly, helpful and most importantly care deeply about our animals wellbeing. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great place to take their pets in for medical need.

I transfered my vet services after a bad experience with my last vet. When I asked around my co worker recommend West Allis Veterinary. I am glad I we made the switch. They are very friendly and caring. Lucie and Guccie will be returning!

Krystal Wright

Receptionists are more than helpful and happy to do it! Doctor and assistant just as nice and informative. I love going here and would recommend anyone to give them a try! (also VERY reasonably priced)

Marie Silva


My husband and I brought our cats to the West Allis Vet Clinic the 4+ years that we lived in Milwaukee. From making appointments to picking up prescription food to ordering lab work, everyone at the clinic is friendly, helpful, and professional. It gave me a peace of mind to bring my cats to such a great clinic, especially my late elderly cat who had multiple serious health issues during her final years of life. Their rates are competitive, and they provide reasonable recommendations for testing, diet, home care, and other aspects of pet health. Pets and pet owners alike are treated with respect and compassion by everyone at the clinic including receptionists, nurses, and vets. The only reason that we switched vets this winter is because we moved. I will continue to recommend the West Allis clinic to family and friends in Milwaukee. Thank you for everything that you do!

                                                                                      Rose Clearfield



I cannot express my gratitude enough by the way the entire staff treated me and my family during the hard transition of saying goodbye to our beloved "Tiger". The kind gestures of sympathy cards and calls made a difficult time bearable. I will always remember the human touch and the compassion they shared.
Maria E.Valentin
June 18, 2015

Dr. Grewal and his staff took extra special care of our chocolate lab puppy, named Whiskey, when she had the parvo virus. We are so fortunate that they could give her the care she needed to pull through! So many puppies do not live through the virus. I can’t thank them enough! They treated us all like family and like Whiskey was their own puppy! I am grateful to have a vet staff who truly cares!

With utmost gratitude,
The Suchla Family


Oct 1st,2014

Hi Everyone,

I found a home for the Kitty!  Although, there is a 7 days waiting period just in case the owner claims the Kitty (MacGyver).  Now he can get rested up for his new home with my son Josh and his family!!!  And he will now also have a brother to play with too.  And 4 loving grandsons of mine to love  J  AAAWWWW!!!

I would like to say a special Thank you to Terri and Lynn and all the extra effort you went through for me and the kitty!!  You are wonderful people.  I can’t say enough,  you have always been there for me  with GiGi and Pixie too.  Thank you for all the wonderful you do every day for all  the animals that come through the doors.

Michelle Saaf


Sept 10,2014

I can not say enough about the staff and services we have received at your vet! My fiance and I got our first kitten together from the HAWS adoption center and took him to West Allis Vet and couldn't be happier! As first time pet owners together, our baby kitten ended up having worms and an upper respiratory infection. We were concerned and worried but the doctor and staff at WA Vet were amazing! They were over the top helpful and made us feel comfortable! Not only that but they always made sure our answers were answered before leaving and if we had a question they were just a phone call away and promptly called us back with answers! I am so thrilled to know our furbaby is in good hands when we take him to the vet and that he gets treated so well and the attention he needs!! :) 

THANKS to all the staff from our hearts to yours,
Eric, Sara, and Jordy!

Sept 08,2014

Absolutely cannot say enough good things about Dr. Grewal and the staff of West Allis vet. I have been going here since my dogs were pups and Dr. Grewal is the best of the best. My female chihuahua was horribly sick with pyometra not too many months back and went in for emergency surgery. She was treated so well, as were we. Now I am going through a lot with my oldest male chihuahua  and they are so patient and thorough. Helping to guide me in finding the right treatment and helping me make tough decisions. And they are very affordable as well. Thank you Dr. G and staff for always being there for us!

The Ayala Family of West Allis

Aug 25,2014

Please thank Dr. Grewal
and staff for taking my
daughter Lynn Weiskopf
and her dog Lucy in for
a diagnosis and begin treatment on Lucy who
has had a few problems,
which her veterinarian
on the East Side didn't
seem to get a handle on.
After only 2 visits it seems
Lucy will eventually get
Tom Weiskopf
P.S. Charlie seems to
be over his respiratory
infection from the gagging
sneezing, even puking.
( exorcist type puking)
We called back on that
Friday and you went to
ask Dr. Grewal and he
said to wait 2 more days
until Monday and on
Monday he was way
better. Hard to top that
one. Thanks again.

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May 2012

I just wanted to thank you again for your kind treatment of Maximus. He was such a loving part of our family and he is sorely missed. I am very Grateful that you went above and beyond in his care and for coming to our house yesterday. It means so much to me that he was able to spend his last moments at his house surrounded by his familiar environment instead of at the office. It's very difficult not having him around anymore, but I take comfort in knowing that he is no longer suffering and that his last moments were comfortable.

Thank you and God bless,

Nate B.


January 2011

Thank you Dr. Grewal and staff for making Sandy comfortable. She is doing better than ever, even ate tonite after surgery. She has had anesthesia before for her teeth and it always took 2 days to return to herself! I will refer you to all of my clients and I do have many after being in business for 20 years. Thank you! Dr. Grewal, your staff is very professional. I am a faithful client with my TWO dogs now, vaccinations, heartworm, everything!

Thank you! Gail


November 2010

I just wanted to take a moment to show my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the treatment and overall care of my cat Finn. Finn was adopted from a shelter in which he contracted numerous viruses that required medical attention right after his adoption. We selected the West Allis Veterinary Clinic as your office was nearby to our home, but discovered that over the course of Finn's other medical issues that the staff and Doctor's of your clinic are all truly caring individuals.

 Dr. Banceu has treated Finn for all of his illnesses, the last being very trying and difficult to diagnose. Throughout Finn's treatment I always noticed that everyone I was in contact with was very concerned about Finn-they understood how much he meant to me and wanted to see him well as much as I did. I felt very safe leaving Finn overnight at the clinic as I knew everyone there was looking out for him and doing there best to take care of his needs. Finn has bounced back thanks to his medical treatment and diet changes-and it was a great to hear Dr. Banceu's joy in his voice when I shared how Finn is back to his old self.

I am so happy that a quick decision to select your clinic turned into such a positive experience. I don't hesitate to talk to the staff or Dr. Banceu about my Finn (or my other adopted shelter cat Dex) as I know they are genuine people and have chosen their profession out of the love they have for all animals.

Thank you all for caring so moch about my feline family!

God Bless, Linda


February 1, 2010

By: Teresa A.

Just wanted to compliment the clinic, doctor and staff for a wonderful visit on Saturday with our dog Buster. He had surgery with you over a year ago and that went well. So we switched clinics. You guys are 100% more caring than they ever were. I did not get a 10 minute sales pitch as to which food to feed Buster or that if I did'nt get the Bordetella I did not care for my dog. Buster loves coming there and he was a perfect angel that day. THANK YOU so much, you are a God send for us and Buster.


December 16, 2009

Dear Dr. Grewal and staff

It been one year since Chester had his first ACL operation on his left hind leg and about three and a half months on his right. Although he is not completely 100% (more like 75), he does seem to be on the right track. Being over 100lbs, I know we had great concerns about his 2nd operation. Being so large, we knew it was going to be a difficult recovery. We almost made decision to put him down, I'm glad we made the right choice. We just took him off the Rimadyl to see how he will do. (So far so good) I want to thank you and your staff for the outstanding care you have given him. I tell anyone and everyone how lucky we are to have found you. I do, and will continue to recommend you and your clinic.

See you this spring for shots and check-ups

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Bob Kuester


September 11, 2009

"My lab Gracie gives them 5 wags!" By: Linda F.

My 3 year old yellow lab would not chew her rawhide bones and her breath was bad. I called my old vet of 45 years and they were going to charge us $500 to $700 for a teeth cleaning and possible extraction. I read the reviews on insiderpages.com and my old vet was expensive. We decided to switch vets. West Allis reviews were 5 star so we decided to switch to their clinic. I dropped Gracie off in the morning and everyone greeted her and she liked them. She had a physical exam. They did an EKG, lab work, and put her under anesthesia. They checked her stool and cut her nails. They called me and told me her tooth was badly cracked and they needed to extract it. I picked her up in the afternoon. They brought her out to me and her tail was wagging and she had a cute little scarf on. They had given her pain meds and sent her home with pain medication. The total bill was $325. I expect it would have been around $200 without the extraction. I feel her care was excellent. I apprectiated the lower fee. I will have her teeth cleaned yearly because I can afford that now. The staff was friendly and the building was easy to find, quite new and very clean. I would recommend them.


September 2009

Ron F. here. I was the owner, or should I say friend, of Squirrelly, who passed after 17 years of giving me his friendship. I would like to thank you and your entire staff at your facility. Although the euthanasia of any beloved animal is not a joyous occasion, I felt comforted by you on that sad day. Over the many years of services I have felt nothing but confident in your abilities and knowledge. This became very evident over the last few years when the Squirrell's health diminished because of his age. You have provided an avenue of treatment that gave him a prolonged quality of life which I nothing but appreciate. There are not enough words to express or give to you to let you know this. If for some reason I am honored by having this posted in your lobby or on your website, I want all who are reading it to know this:

You are in a facility that has the knowledge to adequately, if not in a superior fashion, treat your loved one. I am sure it will be with the compassion and with the love that you yourself would replicate if you had the ability.

To Dr. Grewal and staff, you are special people. I am sure that God has a reward for you. I am sure of this. Again, Thank You.

" Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."


"Great Vet-Caring Staff" 
paula c.
We have 3 dogs and 2 cats, we have been to many different vets, but not one is as wonderful as West Allis vet.Everybody really cares,they don't just want to take your money, they care about our pets.Thanks West Allis Vet! Sincerely, The Coman Family

Posted 11/13/07 at 5:52am

"Awesome Vet"
Tracy L.
Dr Grewal and the staff at West Allis Veterinary Clinic are wonderful! They have taken excellent care of our pets through their lives, and have always shown great compassion and expertise.

Posted 09/19/07 at 7:53am


"Awesome Veterinary Clinic" 
By: Kim M.
I was previously going to the workingman's vet, but I found the service there wasn't so great, and they were charging me for tests that I didn't authorize or need for my pets. I switched to West Allis Veterinary Clinic and couldn't be happier. The staff is wonderful, the clinic is very clean, they treat my pets well and are very compassionate. Prices are reasonable, and Dr. Grewel is wonderful.

Posted 06/13/07 at 9:17am 


Our Dog "Cubbie"
Tony H.
Dr. Grewal & his staff are great! Our dog had pyometra, & was well taken care of. Just to let everyone know, don't wait to get your female pets spade.
We are very blessed to have our dog.

Posted 04/25/07 at 2:19pm


"The Best Vet in the Area" 
Dianne G.
I have been taking my cats to Dr. Grewal at the West Allis Veterinary Clinic for over 10 years. He is a terrific vet - - kind and caring but honest and direct. He answers all my questions and I never feel rushed. In emergency situations his staff is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this clinic.

Posted 01/30/07 at 8:58am


By: Theresa U                                                                                                                                             I brought my kitten here after having problems with her surgery at another vet and they took such great care of her! The vet also helped me out in the cost department since I had already paid over $200 for her surgery and had to essential have it all re-done. HIGHLY Recommend and Very friendly and sanitary environment. 

 Posted 06/25/05 at 2:56pm